Popilicious Popcorn offers a fundraiser program that is POPPING with profits for your organization.               

  • Discount on all Popilicious Popcorn products exclusively for your group and supporters.
  • 40% of all sales goes to your organization.
  • Easy online ordering means you aren’t delivering products to your supporters.
  • Tastier than wrapping paper, more unique than nuts, chocolate and cookies and more exciting than popcorn in a tin can.
  • Easy to management and personal attention by Popilicious Team
  • No waiting for payment at the end of your fundraiser.


It’s as Easy at 1, 2, 3, 4.


  1.  Popilicious Popcorn provides your organization with a customized discount code for every product on We want your supporters to feel special so your discount code will provide them a 10% off discount on any item they purchase. You’ll receive 40% on all sales generated with your organization’s code.
  2.  Your organization and members share your exclusive code for friends, family, and supporters. We’ll help you promote your fundraiser. Popilicious will supply you a customized PDF promotional flyer that can be printed or emailed. Promotional copy and code can also be used on social media and posted within private groups online.
  3. We’ll get to work in the kitchen making our delicious gourmet popcorn cakes and treats. Every popcorn treat is freshly made to order and shipped the same day (unless otherwise requested). You don’t have to worry about storing items in your garage or delivering them to supporters. Shipping costs will be added to the order and paid in advance by the buyer. We provide several options for delivery so they may choose the one that fits their budget.
  4. Popilicious Popcorn will send your organization a check for 40% of all sales attached to your exclusive code within 14 days of the end of your fundraiser. 

 Popilicious Popcorn offers hand crafted gourmet popcorn cakes and treats. We are the only manufacturer in the world of customized popcorn cakes and popcorn pops. Your supporters will love being able to customize the products they order from your fundraiser.  

Popilicious Popcorn makes a great gift and your supporters can order now for future holidays, birthdays or other celebrations while  your organization benefits from the sale now!

 Be the first in your community to offer Popilicious Popcorn! 

For more information or to get started simply email Maria@popiliciouspopcorn or fill out this form.