Make Your Fundraising Effort POP with Popilicious Popcorn!

Move over homemade brownies and cookies that crumble- Popilicious Popcorn Pops are the newest trend in enjoying popcorn and raising money for your school, team, squad or organization.

Popilicious Popcorn Pops are perfect for concession stands, pep rally’s or theme days and provide a great profit on each item sold.   Best of all, everyone loves popcorn and Popilicious Popcorn’s new twist on a beloved snack sells itself.


Popilicious Popcorn Pops

  • Individually wrapped gourmet popcorn on a stick.
  • Topped with M&Ms and decadent chocolate or Chewy Candies (Gummies/Skittles) and white drizzle.
  • Decorated in school colors (optional) .
  • Customized labels available at no cost.
  • No shipping costs in South Florida.
  • No minimums.
  • Only available thru Popilicious Popcorn. 

For more information and pricing, email