Popilicious Popcorn Bar

Welcome to our Popilicious Popcorn Bar, South Florida's first popcorn bar where you can customize your tub of popcorn with 20+ different candies, nuts and dried fruits. 

Best of all, the Popilicious Popcorn team has thought of everything.  We give you bamboo tongs so that you can enjoy your popcorn without the mess.

Enjoying the Popilicious Popcorn Bar is easy and delicious. 

  1. Purchase a tub of freshly popped popcorn. It includes 1 topping and your choice of white or dark chocolate drizzle.
  2. Choose any additional toppings for a small additional price.
  3. Give your customized combination of flavors your own special name and enjoy!



Having a special event like a wedding, shower, birthday or corporate meeting?  The Popilicious Popcorn bar travels.  Our team can set you up with a customized popcorn bar that will make any event pop.

For information, email Madison@Popiliciouspopcorn.com  (Delivery in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Flagler Counties only).  Shipping available anywhere in the US.